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Local Resources

1. Monterey Court locations

2. Monterey Mediation

3. Monterey Rules of Court

4. Santa Clara County Family Law Web Site

5. Santa Clara County Family Court Houses:

Marriage Counseling:

At R.S.C. Law Group we believe that avoiding divorce is the best option for both you and your family. If you feel that marriage and family counseling will assist you in avoiding divorce, please contact one of the following trusted counselors below to schedule a meeting today.

Helping Families through out the World. Our Non-profit Partner:

At R.S.C. Law Group, we strive to help local families and children. We also believe that it is our obligation to assist families and children throughout the world who are in need. For this reason, we have selected International Aid Mission (a 501(c) 3 nonprofit entity) as our charity of choice. R.S.C Law Group has chosen to financially support IAM with a portion of each and every dollar earned each year. We strongly urge you to partner with us in supporting IAM to assist woman and children in need all over the world. If you choose to do so, donations to IAM can be mailed to our Monterey Law Office. You can also donate to IAM by clicking on


Picking the Right Lawyer Is the First Step in Winning Your Case.

Contact our Monterey or San Jose office today to schedule a free thirty minute consultation with an experienced Monterey / Santa Clara County / San Benito, California family lawyer.

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