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Falling out of love may be the most common reason for divorce

Much has been written in California and around the country about the reasons for divorce, and financial troubles and arguments about money are often portrayed as the chief culprits. However, the results of a recent study conducted by a team of Danish researchers suggest that emotional and not financial problems are more likely to prompt spouses to end their marriages. A survey of 2,371 people who had recently been through a divorce revealed that the most common reasons for taking action all stemmed from an absence of emotional fulfillment.

Divorce, social media and privacy issues

In California and across the United States, many people find it difficult to conduct their daily affairs without using social media. Couples considering divorce often have social media accounts. Whether the account is located on Facebook, Twitter or an alternative website, people in the process of getting divorced should pay attention to what they post. According to a recent study conducted by Boston University, people with active social media accounts may unwittingly endanger their marriages. In some mysterious way, marriage, divorce and social media have intricate connections.

Prenups often recommended for remarrying couples

Many people in California who decide to marry have been married at least once before in the past. Statistics indicate that around 40% of all marriages include people who are remarrying. As financial issues can be one of the most common contributors to divorce, people planning on remarriage may wish to learn lessons from their earlier relationships.

Planning for a divorce before filing

California couples may be interested to learn that divorce filings increase during the summer months. This can be due to a number of reasons, including added stress to the marriage due to the kids being home and summer vacation planning. If the marriage is already on the rocks, spending more time together can actually exacerbate the issues and lead to a divorce.

Divorce and student loan debt in California

Many California residents are struggling with a significant student loan debt burden. The cost of higher education has risen dramatically in recent decades, as have student loan obligations. When people decide to divorce, they may be particularly concerned with the financial implications, especially as they can have long-term consequences that linger on for years after the end of a marriage. When student loans are a major burden, both parties may be wondering how this debt will be divided.

Student loans may put stress on a marriage

The average student loan balance around the country is more than $34,000. This can have an impact on whether or not a person's marriage is successful. Student loan payments may make it difficult to actually have a wedding, buy a home or start a family. Ideally, California residents who have student loan debt will talk about it with their partner prior to getting married. Doing so can help a couple account for it in a variety of different ways.

Handling insurance during and after divorce

When California couples finalize a divorce, they may still have a number of financial issues to disentangle. Even after the divorce decree has been issued, there will be joint accounts to close or transfer, mortgages to refinance, or insurance policies to change. Indeed, insurance can be one of the most important aspects of post-divorce planning for both parties. The two types of insurance most common in a divorce are health and life insurance.

Many factors impact spousal support determination

There was a time when spousal support, aka alimony, was awarded in the vast majority of California divorce cases. Reflecting an evolution of gender roles in society in general and possibly a change in judicial philosophy, the decision on spousal support is now more carefully scrutinized. There are many circumstances the statutory law directs the judge to consider and weigh. Ultimately, the court has wide discretion in concluding what is appropriate in each individual case.

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