paternity-lawPaternity cases and disputes may arise when a mother is seeking to establish paternity to collect child support or when a father is seeking to assert parental rights or custody. Whether you are interested in DNA evidence to prove or disprove paternity, or you are interested in collecting or defending against support payments, we have the experience necessary to assert your rights in court.

At R.S.C. Law Group, we are experienced in the scientific developments in paternity law including DNA tests and necessary court procedures. Unmarried parents often face legal disputes after a child is born regarding parental rights, custody, and child support. We can effectively assert your rights in establishing paternity or defending you against parental obligations. Contact our Monterey / San Jose law office to schedule an initial FREE consultation.

Establishing Paternity:

If you are pregnant or have given birth to a child and are seeking to establish paternity to enforce your rights to child support, we are experienced in taking legal action to force a DNA test. We will explore all of your options and alternatives to effectively establish paternity and assert your rights to the financial assistance you and your child will need. Don't wait to take this important step; failure to act in a timely matter could result in an inability to collect back support over a considerable period.

Paternity Defense and Obligations:

Once paternity is established, it is very difficult to reverse the presumption in court. If you are involved in a paternity dispute and you are seeking to defend yourself against a paternity establishment, you need aggressive legal advocacy to protect your rights. If you believe that you may not be the father of the child, we can help you obtain the requisite DNA test to demonstrate your case. Do not wait to assert your rights or you may be forced to pay child support payments for a child that is not yours.

When you need immediate attention to your case, we can efficiently and effectively obtain an ex parte order for custody or support.

Non-Married Couples, Custody and Support Issues:

For non-married couples who have a child, it can be difficult to determine rights and obligations when the relationship dissolves. If you have a child and are unmarried, we can help you assert your rights to visitation or to obtain necessary child support payments. We will take every necessary legal action to do what is best for you and your child. It is necessary to take early action in these cases to prevent an unfair agreement or status quo.

Picking the Right Lawyer Is the First Step in Winning Your Case.

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