Teen dating and the occurrence of violence and homicide

On Behalf of | Apr 24, 2019 | Domestic Violence

Most California residents realize that domestic violence is far too prevalent in adult relationships. However, this type of violence also endangers many adolescents.

A recently published study showed that 7% of the roughly 2,000 adolescents who were killed between the years 2003 and 2016 were victims of violence by a current or former intimate partner. In total, there were 150 teens, 90% of them being girls, who were victims of violence by an intimate partner. These statistics show that the problem is more serious than many realize.

Other details were revealed by the study. For example, the study found that firearms were used in about 61% of the fatal cases. This information was gathered from speaking with law enforcement officials and looking at records from coroner and medical examiner offices.

The study also showed why the majority of these acts of violence occurred. In about 27% of the cases, the victim refused to start a relationship with the perpetrator or was breaking up with the individual. There’s no doubt that jealousy plays a role in many of these cases. Experts say that this is a common issue in many teen relationships.

Breakups can be dangerous in teen relationships if they lead to one of the partners lashing out. While some relationships involve intimate partner violence, the goal is usually not to do severe damage. However, when a breakup occurs, the intention may be to hurt the other person.

An individual who has been the victim of domestic violence may want to seek advice from an attorney. Legal counsel could recommend getting a restraining order or taking other steps to stay protected from a potentially violent partner.