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Custody Dispute? We Care About Your Kids Just As Much As You Do.

Children can complicate divorce, but our guidance and forceful representation will prevent a long, expensive, drawn-out process. Emotions can run high when your kids are involved, which is understandable. You need a caring, experienced lawyer on your side to help guide you through one of the most difficult issues you face: child custody.

At R.S.C. Law Group, Inc., we have helped hundreds of parents work through California child custody cases. We know that developing a custody agreement can feel overwhelming. This is your time with your children on the line. That is why we fight hard for our clients and their children. Speak with us and one of our attorneys will make sure you and your children’s relationship remains stable, loving and strong for years to come. Call us at 831-275-0987 for a free consultation. We serve clients from Monterey and from Orange County.

You Put Your Children First. So Do We.

In California, contested custody cases go through mediation before they get to a trial. A trained mediator will facilitate the session(s) between you and your co-parent and your respective attorneys. If you and your co-parent cannot agree on a child custody plan, we will go to court to assert your parental rights. We will prepare a compelling case that follows the law and advances your and your children’s needs. Whether you will share custody with your co-parent, or one parent will receive sole physical custody (reserving visitation time for the other parent), we will be by your side until the matter is resolved.

We also represent parents who are involved in move-away disputes and other modifications to their existing parenting plan.

Reach Out To Us Today And Get The Answers You Need

You don’t have to guess at what type of custody arrangement your family will have; you can discuss it with one of our lawyers and get a better idea of your options. For a free consultation, please call 831-275-0987 or send an email today.