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Divorce Litigators In Monterey, California

Whether you were the one who decided divorce was necessary or your spouse was the one who filed, from a legal perspective the questions are largely the same. What will happen to the family home? Who will keep the valuables we spent years earning together? And perhaps most importantly, where will the children live?

With more than 55 years of combined experience at R.S.C. Law Group, Inc., our legal team devotes itself to answering these questions and more for our clients. One of our experienced and compassionate divorce attorneys will make sure you come through the process on a solid financial footing and that your rights as a parent are honored. We serve clients in Monterey, California, and the surrounding communities.

Tough, Compassionate Divorce Representation

Depending on the length of your marriage and other factors, there may be many things that must be resolved in order to finalize your divorce, including:

  • Division of property, such as real estate, bank accounts and family-owned businesses
  • Whether the parents will share child custody, if one parent will receive sole custody and the other will have visitation rights
  • Whether one spouse will pay child support and/or spousal support to the other
  • Whether there is a valid prenuptial or postnuptial agreement in place
  • Whether the circumstances of military divorce apply

Your Divorce Support Network

Divorce is often an emotionally painful process for everyone involved. Besides our depth of legal knowledge and courtroom experience, we provide peace of mind to our clients. We will handle your divorce with compassion. We will do what is necessary to finalize your case as quickly and smoothly as possible, but we will never advise you to accept an inadequate settlement just to avoid a fight.

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