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Planning for a divorce before filing

On Behalf of | Jul 2, 2019 | Divorce

California couples may be interested to learn that divorce filings increase during the summer months. This can be due to a number of reasons, including added stress to the marriage due to the kids being home and summer vacation planning. If the marriage is already on the rocks, spending more time together can actually exacerbate the issues and lead to a divorce.

If a spouse is considering divorce, it is advantageous to start planning for a divorce months before it is actually time to file. Individuals planning to divorce should take the time to get their finances in order, gather all essential documents and even determine if he or she is on the title of the house. In some cases, a person should even consider gathering phone records and banking or credit card statements. Talking to a family law attorney may also give a person some idea of what the general outcome of a divorce may be, eliminating some of the stress a person may be experiencing.

In some cases, the summer season can also be a good time to reflect on whether or not a person actually wants to divorce. If a couple has more time to spend together, spending some of that time at a marriage counselor can help them determine if getting a divorce is the right thing to do in their situation, especially if there are kids in the picture.

If the former couple ultimately decides that it is time for a divorce, contacting a family law attorney as soon as possible might be recommended. The attorney may help to determine how assets should be divided, which can be confusing if those assets are real estate or family-owned businesses. If the kids are a point of contention, the attorney might assist with seeking child support and help with establishing a parenting plan.