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Why divorces are more common in late summer

On Behalf of | Aug 29, 2019 | Divorce

California residents may be interested in learning about the effects that summer has on divorce. Statistics point to the fact that late summer months, especially August, see a rise in divorce rates. Some family law practices have clients visit them in the spring to consult about a possible divorce and have them return toward the end of the summer ready to proceed.

One reason for this could be the fact that couples who are having difficulties feel that the summer break and accompanying vacations will help repair their marriage. They go into the summer months hoping that the more relaxed pace of summer will change marital patterns.

Summertime is a time when families bond. School is out, and so kids are with mom and dad more. During the school year, families have a routine that makes it possible to ignore or cover up difficulties in the marriage. During the summer, that routine is broken. Parents have time to look around and question what they are doing with their life. When a couple that is already on the verge of falling apart spends more time with each other, it is likely that more disputes will arise, which can cause the fragile threads that are already holding the marriage together to snap.

August is the time when children go back to college. The home feels empty. This may lead to parents reevaluating their marriage. Some see the end of summer as a good time of breaking the news of divorce to children. They want to allow their children to enjoy one last summer together as a family before things fall apart.

An individual who has been contemplating divorce may want to speak with a family law attorney. An attorney might be able to represent the individual in the divorce proceedings and help their client with visitation schedules, child custody cases, and settlement agreements. They may also be able to provide their client with advice on financial matters associated with divorce.