What should I do if I need a post-divorce modification?

On Behalf of | Apr 15, 2020 | Divorce

Life rarely stays the same following a divorce which is why divorced couples should be aware that it may be possible to seek post-divorce modifications if needed. As children grow and jobs change and the couple moves into their post-divorce future, it may be necessary to seek a post-divorce modification from the family law court.

It may be possible to seek a child support modification, child custody modification or spousal support modification from the family law court. It is important to keep in mind that any existing divorce order must be followed until a modification is granted from the family law court. In addition, a divorced spouse who knows that they will need a modification should seek a modification as soon as they know they need one and continue paying child support or abiding by their existing child custody arrangement until any modification is granted.

A child support or child custody modification may be granted based on a significant change in circumstances for the parent or the child. Examples of what may be considered a significant change in circumstances can include a change in job, such as a loss of a job, household income or marital status. Circumstances that may warrant a post-divorce modification can vary by state so divorced spouses should be familiar with the laws in their state.

The family law court provides a series of tools and resources to divorcing parents so they can address their concerns during and following their divorce. As such, divorced couples in California should be familiar with how the family law system can help them as their family and needs change.