Professionals you may need on your side during divorce proceedings

On Behalf of | Jun 22, 2020 | Divorce

When a Monterey area couple gets married, they are full of joy and excitement over what is to come in the decades that follow. But for many couples, marriage is a lot harder than they expected and sometimes divorce becomes inevitable. For many people going through a divorce there are several professionals they may need.

The first professional a person needs during a divorce is a divorce attorney. An attorney is the main point of contact for a person and will be the number one professional on a person’s side. They understand that the decisions a person makes during the divorce process can affect them for the rest of their lives and will guide their client in the right direction.

Another professional that may be necessary is a therapist. A divorce can be one of the worst times of a person’s life and having a place to sort through all the emotions can be helpful. There is so much turmoil in a divorce and therapy can be a good way to sort through the life shifts and adjustment process. For couples who have children, there are also co-parenting therapists who can help parents learn how to parent their children during and after a divorce which is typically a stressful time for the entire family.

A person may also need a financial professional. A financial professional like an accountant or financial advisor can offer advice in order to prevent a financial misstep. There is an incredible amount of financial matters that need to be sorted out in a divorce, especially if the marriage has lasted years. Typically there are many high value assets that need to be sorted out including bank accounts, retirement accounts, family business, and homes. A financial expert can be used to sort out all of the incredibly important financial matters because making sure the assets are divided equitably is critical for a person’s future.

Finally, if a couple owns real estate, a real estate professional may be necessary if a couple needs to come up with the value for the home or other property. A real estate agent may also be needed to sell a property for the most money possible.

For some couples who are going through a divorce in Monterey, there are benefits to having many professionals throughout the process. A divorce attorney can offer their suggestions as to what professionals may be necessary and helpful.