Don’t overlook the value of an attorney in your custody dispute

Legal issues pertaining to children are often the most fought over in family law courts. Whether it’s to establish or modify a custody order, relocate, resolve a major decision for a child, or impose some restriction on parenting time, the outcome of your dispute could have ramifications far into the future for both you and your children. This is why you need to be crafty in negotiating and drafting any sort of custody arrangement. If that fails, then you need to be prepared to present your case to a judge.

Know exactly what you need to address, then build your case

You can’t go into your custody issue blind. You need to know want you want and how to get it. That’s where skilled legal firms like ours can step in to help. Our attorneys know the ins and outs of every factor that a court will take into consideration when addressing a child’s best interests, and we know how to negotiate with that in mind. Once we know what our clients want for their children, we diligent work with them to gather the evidence necessary to build a compelling case. While that might mean persuasively presenting witness testimony, relevant documents, and other evidence to a judge, it also means figuring out how to work with the other side to negotiate a favorable arrangement.

Helping Californians craft acceptable and enforceable co-parenting plans

Through our extensive experience, we know that co-parenting can be a challenge. But we’ve also found that having well thought out and detailed co-parenting plans can help ease stress and ensure that expectations are understood. We also work with our clients to ensure that these agreements are enforced and take other parents to court if they need reminding to abide by the agreement. Our clients have found time-and-again that our advocacy on their behalf makes their custody matters much easier to contend with.

In the heat of divorce or a child custody dispute, it’s normal for parents to overlook matters that can be quite contentious later down the road. Don’t let that happen to you. Think about working with a law firm that can help you settle these issues up front as much as possible but that is prepared to fight for what you and your children need if things change in the future.