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How can you raise the topic of a prenuptial agreement?

On Behalf of | Dec 23, 2020 | Prenuptial Agreements

Marriage is supposed to be a happy event that is blanketed in a promising future. Yet, all too often there are financial concerns that loom over marital relationships. One party may not work or might have significantly more debt than the other, or he or she may have significantly more wealth than their counterpart . In other instances, couples are simply worried about how finances may affect their marriage in the years to come. Fortunately, these worries can be wiped out with a carefully negotiated and drafted prenuptial agreement.

Know how to talk to your partner about a prenuptial agreement

If you’re sitting there thinking that you’d never be able to even broach the topic of a prenuptial agreement with you partner, you’re not alone. But there are things that you can do to make the conversation easier and more productive. This, in turn, could lead to the agreement you need to put your concerns to rest.

  • Don’t start by saying you want a prenuptial agreement: This can come off as confrontational and shutdown your partner. Think about easing into the conversation by discussing shared financial concerns.
  • Be reassuring: Keep reminding your spouse that all you’re doing is focusing on protecting each party’s financial independence so that you can avoid intrusion by the court, if it comes to that.
  • Be honest about what’s important to you: Sometimes by focusing on other important aspects of your life and your marriage you can help your partner recognize the importance of a prenuptial agreement.
  • Choose your timing wisely: Discussing a prenuptial agreement after an argument with your partner probably isn’t a good idea, especially if the dispute was about money. Instead, try to find a time when you’re both in a good mood and have the time to dedicate to the conversation. Oftentimes starting off by talking about current financial matters, whether student loan debt or investment income, is a good way into the conversation.

If you and your partner are interested in a prenuptial agreement, then you need to make sure that you are protecting your interests by only agreeing to a well thought out and clear arrangement. For that, you can turn to an attorney you trust for guidance, advocacy, and advice. Hopefully then you can focus on what really matters: your marriage.