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Child Support Must Be Fair For Each Parent And Sufficient For The Child

No matter what the reasons for their divorce might be, almost all spouses agree on one thing: Their children should not be left without financial support simply because their parents are splitting up. At R.S.C. Law Group, Inc., in Monterey, California, our lawyers have more than 55 years of combined experience handling child support matters for our clients, including those in Orange County.

We will help you weigh your options with compassion and honest legal advice, and do everything possible to protect your children’s well-being. Our firm provides experienced, caring representation to people who seek fair child support for their children. Speak with us today in a free consultation at 831-275-0987.

Child Support Guidance And Advocacy

Child support is intended to keep the kids from experiencing a drop in their standard of living due to their parents not living in the same house. California’s formula for determining how much child support to pay considers several factors, such as:

  • The number of children the noncustodial parent has
  • Each parent’s income level
  • The cost of the children’s education
  • Medical care expenses
  • Each parent’s share of physical responsibility for the children

One of our experienced attorneys will review your finances, the other parent’s finances and additional factors to help you set a fair level of child support that meets the needs of your children. This is an extremely important part of caring for your children, so make certain you have all of the information.

Free Child Support Consultations

Make sure your children are cared for. Call R.S.C. Law Group, Inc., at 831-275-0987 to schedule a free legal consultation in Monterey or Orange County. You can also reach us by email.