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Practicing Military Divorce In Monterey County

Divorce affects military families in much the same way it does to civilians. However, many service members and military spouses in Monterey and Orange counties face unique challenges in reaching a fair conclusion to their divorce. At R.S.C. Law Group, Inc., our family law attorneys are proud to have represented hundreds of active-duty and retired military members, along with military spouses. Thanks to our 55 years of combined experience in family law, we know how to tailor our work to the realities of military life.

Experienced In All Aspects Of Military Divorce

Our team of lawyers brings a wealth of experience and background to military divorce. We are prepared to guide you through all divorce-related decisions and potential conflicts, including:

Defend Your Parental Rights

Military life usually involves frequent moves around the country and abroad. Many of our clients came to Monterey County to receive military training. Now they or their spouse want to move back to their home state — and take the children with them. Having your legal rights as a parent honored and protected is critical. We will make sure that happens. When it comes to child custody, our representation will put the best needs of your children first.

Our U.S. service members deserve the best of legal assistance during a difficult time in their lives. We are honored to provide that support.

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