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Move-Away Dispute Representation For Monterey Parents

Following your divorce, you may wish to move far away from Monterey County or Orange County. For example, a new relationship or job may present an irresistible new opportunity. Or maybe you simply want to move back to your home state.

Whatever the reason, as a parent, you probably want to take the children with you. But your co-parent may not agree to moving the kids hundreds or thousands of miles away. At R.S.C. Law Group, Inc., we help parents on both sides of move-away disputes. Our team of experienced family law attorneys has more than 55 years of combined experience representing parents in relocation matters. We will help you protect your rights as a parent and reach a conclusion that works for your family.

Handling Relocation Disputes With Sensitivity

When parents who share joint physical custody cannot agree on an out-of-state move involving children, the courts step in. When the parent moving away has sole physical custody, the other parent must file an objection if he or she wants to dispute it. The law regarding relocation disputes in California is very complex, but ultimately the judge must decide whether the move is in the best interests of the child. You need a lawyer who will prepare a solid case on your behalf.

Our attorneys understand how painful a move-away dispute can be. We are successful litigators who provide personalized service to each of our clients. You and your attorney will go over your rights as a parent and what to expect in court. Most of all, we will work to preserve your children’s well-being and your relationship with them.

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