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Increase in divorce filings coincides with return to normalcy

On Behalf of | Sep 16, 2021 | Divorce

In California and across the nation, the ongoing national situation has led to many changes in how people live and work. The underlying challenges have frayed some relationships. People being forced to spend more time together has opened fissures that may be leading to a rise in divorce filings. As courts open for in-person hearings, a growing number of people are moving forward with a divorce. For those who are assessing their options, it is important to understand the details of ending a marriage and to have experienced advice from the outset.

Statistics show more people are filing for divorce

The Superior Court of California reports that there has been a rise in divorce filings in the past several months vs. the number of filings at the same time in 2020. This is also true in other states like New York. Experts say that if one state sees a spike, others generally show similar increases. It is unknown as to the specific catalyst for this rise in divorce filings. It could be that the courts being closed and other factors led to people holding off on pursuing a divorce. There is also the chance that lingering tensions reached a breaking point while couples had their normal routines interrupted or they discovered that their relationship was an arrangement and not a marriage.

Anecdotally, legal professionals have reported more than 20% growth in their family law practices in the past four months. Financial worries, health concerns and the realization that the marriage is not one of love but of convenience has stoked re-evaluation. Some chose to end the marriage completely – a trend that might continue as life returns to some semblance of normalcy. Others are filing for legal separation to keep health insurance coverage intact. A survey showed that 21% of people stated the current situation damaged their marriage. That is 10% higher than a year ago.

Those thinking about divorce should remember their legal rights

Regardless of the reason for the divorce, there are certain fundamentals that people should remember. For those with kids, child support, custody and parenting time will be an issue. Property division could come up as an area of dispute. Some might need alimony for the short or long term. These numbers show that a substantial group of people are thinking about their lives and choosing to end a marriage. When considering the future or when the decision has been made to move on, having legal protection may be crucial and getting experienced advice is a wise first step.