How do you draft a parenting plan with your former spouse?

On Behalf of | Feb 14, 2022 | Child Custody And Support

Other than a divorce settlement, divorcing parents must also create a parenting plan as part of dissolving their marriage. Children and former spouses deserve to know the elements of a viable co-parenting strategy.

Boys Town helps ex-partners create a parenting plan that supports them and their shared children. A few insights could help divorced partners help their children live healthy post-divorce lives.

Establish rules

No matter if parents remained married or if they divorce, it makes sense to establish house rules for their children. Co-parents may create a list of rules for both households regarding general guidelines, school, screen time and chores. It usually helps to consider a child’s age and individual needs when adding rules to a parenting plan.

Remain consistent

To reduce unnecessary arguments between co-parents, parenting plans should have consistent rules and behavior expectations no matter which household a child stays in. Another reason to have consistent rules is so children do not feel tempted to manipulate their parents to get what they want.

Discuss discipline methods

Rather than wait until children act up or act out to decide how to discipline them, divorced spouses could establish disciplinary measures while creating a parenting plan. Co-parents may reduce negative behavior and support positive behavior by noting consequences on their plan. It also makes sense to use several consequences rather than one to account for different situations.

Having a plan in place for raising shared children gives co-parents and their kids a guide for living elevated lives after divorce. While the plan may not hold all the answers, it could create a viable starting point.