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3 tips for co-parenting during a divorce

On Behalf of | Aug 22, 2022 | Divorce

When couples divorce and the family unit includes children, everyone tends to feel the effects of the split. Older children who understand the reality of the situation can have a tough time during the transitions divorce brings, which, according to Psychology Today, can have a positive effect on their emotional health and the relationships they have with other members of the family.

Keeping a few co-parenting tips in mind as you and your spouse navigate your divorce can provide your children with the stability and reassurance they need to avoid emotional upheaval.

1. Remain consistent

The family schedule can take a serious beating once divorce proceedings begin, so try to offer your kids as much consistency as possible. Keep their school and after-school schedules as close as what they previously were, and if you must make changes, tell your children ahead of time to prevent any feelings of anxiety that may make them insecure.

2. Create a family-accessible calendar

It is not difficult to lose track of time or forget specific important dates, such as your son’s school wrestling match or your daughter’s science fair. Creating an online calendar that every family member can view may make bringing the family together during a divorce simpler. Allow your ex-spouse and older children to add or remove items and discuss changes when they occur.

3. Remain courteous

Divorce is often difficult when the reasons for the split arise and you feel compelled to argue with your ex, but this can seriously affect your children’s futures, as it can leave lingering psychological scars well into adulthood. Refrain from fighting in front of your kids and saying negative comments about him or her while your kids are present.

You may find that co-parenting requires patience and cooperation. Family therapy may help to support your efforts.