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How to approach your fiance about signing a prenuptial agreement

On Behalf of | Sep 15, 2022 | Prenuptial Agreements

Nothing compares with the emotional rush of falling in love. Once someone special enters your life, getting married becomes the logical step forward.

Despite honest intentions, marriages sometimes collapse. Having a prenuptial agreement reduces heartache under these circumstances. Unfortunately, your partner may resist signing such an agreement. How you raise the topic can make a huge difference.

Discuss a prenup as early as possible

The sooner you raise the concept of a prenup, the more time you’ll have to settle the matter. Your betrothed may need a grace period with which to process the request. Raising the prospect well ahead of a set wedding date provides a valuable buffer.

Explain why a prenup is beneficial to both of you

Your partner might balk at the idea of a pre-marriage contract, assuming it only protects you. In reality, such documents advantage both parties. For instance, prenups can assure children from a previous relationship receive an inheritance. Such agreements may also assign responsibility for specific debts. Knowing the outcomes ahead of a split minimizes potential anxiety surrounding these concerns.

Invite your partner to help write the prenup

Stress that you are both equals. Neither individual needs to sign unless the terms please all. Until pens touch paper, everything is negotiable. State that you intend to remain fair and reasonable. Remind your sweetie that post-wedding agreements are a possibility. Still, postnuptial agreements offer fewer protections than prenups.

Prenuptial agreements smoothen the divorce process and reduce after-marriage conflict. A levelheaded approach will increase the odds of achieving a suitable contract.