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How can you improve your co-parent communications?

Do you often wish you never had to speak with your co-parent again now that you are getting divorced? If so, you’re not alone. It’s a wish shared by many divorcing and divorced parents.

There is always a need for co-parents to discuss matters that impact their kids. If you find it hard to face your parent-to-parent communications, the following tips can help.

Analyze the matter

Say your co-parent wants to swap weekends with you for the next couple of months, but you prefer to follow your child custody order. How important is this issue to you on a scale of one to five? When answering this question, try to determine if it is a minor inconvenience or a potential hardship.

Consider compromising

Try to put yourself in your co-parent’s shoes to determine if they are being combative about an issue or have a valid point. Sometimes, a different perspective can help you decide if a compromise over a proposed change of plans, for example, is an agreeable solution.

Always be respectful

When someone believes you do not respect them or their words, they may adopt an unpleasant attitude toward you. Maintaining a respectful demeanor during child-focused discussions usually helps parents communicate better and more peacefully.

Review your custody order

If the custody schedule is at the center of your negative co-parent discussions, your court order may not be effective. The needs of children and their parents change over time. Occasionally, even newly implemented custody arrangements do not work as the court expected.

Improving your co-parent communication benefits you, your kids and even your co-parent. If your custody order has failed or you want to get it right the first time, additional knowledge of California divorce and child custody laws can help.