How to co-parent effectively with your former spouse

Children may complicate a divorce. However, when parents agree on the best ways to offer them financial and parental support, the process may be more manageable. In California, the judge makes decisions on child custody and visitation.

Either parent can get custody, or they can share. If you and your ex-spouse are allowed to share custody of your children, here are three tips to make this successful.

Communicate effectively

Communication is necessary when raising kids, but it may need to be more among divorced parents, of course, while respecting each other’s boundaries. When kids are raised in two homes, it can be easier for values to conflict. Thus, parents should communicate and agree on grounds that must be maintained in both homes.

However, to avoid misunderstandings, you and your ex-spouse should decide what to communicate and the communication channels to use beforehand. You should also have resolution methods for when you disagree.

Have a regular schedule

You will develop a parenting plan to ensure the kids spend time with both parents. The plan should be reasonable and regular as it may be easier for children to adjust to their new life when they know where they will be on particular days or hours. Further, if you can’t take the kids as scheduled due to unavoidable circumstances, inform the other parent sooner rather than later.

Respect your ex-spouse’s new life

Co-parenting is about the kids’ best interests. For this reason, you should only interact with your ex-spouse on matters concerning the kids. Asking questions about their new life or making changes that affect their schedule may bring up disagreements. This tip is especially vital when your ex-spouse remarries or has another child.

Co-parenting can be successful when parents are on the same page. Consider your options to ensure your children are cared for after your divorce.