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3 common mistakes to avoid when making your parenting plan

Divorce is an emotional process, and things can become more challenging when children are involved. However, regardless of how messy your divorce gets, it’s crucial that you prioritize your children’s well-being by helping them to adjust to the next chapter. One of the best ways to do this is by creating a parenting plan.

A well-thought-out parenting plan can help your children succeed and reassure you about the future. But unfortunately, there are some mistakes most divorcing parents make that can hurt their kids. Below are some common mistakes you should avoid when making a parenting plan.

Forgetting about your children’s needs

Your children are used to having both parents living in the same house. Therefore, they will not find it easy to move from one home to another, and it will take some time to get used to the new schedule. Make your parenting plan from your children’s perspective to make things less stressful for them. Think about their social life and other things they may miss due to the changes.

Failing to include a move clause

Have you thought about what will happen if the custodial parent moves? Failing to include a moving clause can create problems down the road. Therefore, ensure that you include a provision stating that there should be a discussion before either parent moves too far.

Not including provisions for disputes

Regardless of how carefully you create your parenting plan or how well you get along with the other parent, unexpected issues may arise in the future. Therefore, it’s crucial that you have a plan on how to address issues, including who will cover the costs of those disputes. Mediation could be a good first step in resolving disputes without going to court.

Parenting isn’t easy, especially after a divorce. However, creating a comprehensive parenting plan that meets all legal requirements and works for parents and children can make things easier.