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Will divorce affect your finances?

On Behalf of | Apr 11, 2023 | Divorce

Divorce can affect your life in different ways. For starters, you will no longer be in the same house with your spouse. And if you have kids, they will have two homes. 

In addition to these and other effects, divorce will probably impact your finances. Here is how this can happen:

Property division leaves you with fewer assets

When you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse were married, you had properties you owned. However, this reality may change upon divorce due to property division. Since California is a community property state, a judge will identify and approve how you can distribute property equitably. This means that your name will no longer be associated with all the properties you had.

New bills can put a strain on your wallet

Divorce can bring new bills for both parties, but more so for the party that didn’t handle most expenses. For instance, the person who leaves the family home will have a new mortgage and may need to buy things for their house. Further, the party that remains in the family home may need to take care of maintenance costs by themselves, and so on. 

Child support may be a necessary expense

The parent who is ordered to pay child support by the court will be affected financially. However, if such a parent was already providing a significant percentage of the family’s income, they won’t be affected as much since they would continue doing so, just from a different home.

Bouncing back financially takes planning

It’s possible to regain your living standard after a divorce. Of course, you may experience challenges in the beginning, but with a plan, you should bounce back. Consider getting legal help to protect your interests and understand the costs of a divorce to make the right moves.