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3 questions to ask your children when going through a divorce

On Behalf of | May 21, 2023 | Divorce |

Divorce can be devastating for children. They may find it challenging to accept the reality of their parents not being together. However, parents can help them cope with this. In addition to the court and the parents making decisions that are in the child’s best interest, it’s crucial to talk with them often.

Below are three questions to ask:

1. How have things been lately?

You and the other parent will have a temporary parenting plan during your divorce. This plan will include a visitation schedule. Whether you will be with the kids primarily or they visit your home, you should ask them how things have been lately. 

This will give you a chance to know how they are doing. Accordingly, you can provide them with the needed help.

2. Have any of your friends’ parents been divorced?

Your kid may know more about divorce than you expect. They may have seen their friend’s parents go through it. And their friend might have shared details about what happened in their home. Thus, asking this question helps you understand your child’s view on divorce.

A followup question for this is, “How is your friend doing now?” 

Your kid may have seen their friend experience different emotions with their parents’ divorce. Thus, asking this can help them know it will get better, particularly if they can say so about their friend.

3. Do you want us to do anything?

Of course, you may not know everything your child wants when going through a divorce. You may be experiencing this for the first time. You should ask them what they want. Their answers can make your work more manageable.

The above questions can help you support your child during and after your divorce. You may need to consider legal help to protect your parental rights.