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Divorce Attorneys Committed To Helping You Safeguard Your Monterey County Business

Last updated on June 25, 2024

As a business owner, you face unique challenges in a divorce. The question of what will happen to your company looms over the whole proceeding. Your company is far more than just a financial investment. It represents your hard work and passion. You need skilled divorce lawyers who understand the stakes and will stand up for your goals.

Our knowledgeable family law professionals at R.S.C. Law Group, Inc., are dedicated to finding strong solutions for you. Serving clients in Monterey County and the surrounding regions, we bring a strategic, comprehensive approach to each case. We are here to help you protect your business during your California divorce.

Is Your Company Subject To Division?

California is a community property state. This means marital property is generally divided 50/50 in a divorce. Business assets generally fall into the category of martial property and thus are subject to division. However, there are some exceptions, such as when:

  • A business was owned prior to the marriage and has been kept separate.
  • There is a prenuptial agreement that defines the business as separate property.

Our team can help determine whether your business meets any of the exceptions to division.

How A Business Can Be Divided

There are multiple ways to divide a business in a California divorce. The main methods include:

  • Selling the business and splitting the proceeds
  • One party buying out the other party’s interest in the business
  • Both parties splitting the ownership share and continuing to run the business together

Factors such as prenuptial agreements and a business’s operating agreement can influence which specific options are available.

Strategizing for Your Company’s Future

How your business is divided can significantly impact its future and your aspirations. If your goal is to protect your business’s integrity, selecting and carefully pursuing the right division route is crucial. With over 55 years of collective experience, our family law attorneys are adept at crafting customized business division strategies in high-asset divorce cases. We are here to seek solutions that preserve your goals for your company.

Let’s Protect Your Business Together

Don’t let divorce put your business at risk. Contact our team today at our Monterey County office by calling 831-275-0987 or email us today for a free consultation. We stand ready to help you keep your business in a strong position to thrive during this challenging personal transition.