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Do You Need More Than A Will?

Last updated on June 24, 2024

When it comes to estate planning, the first thing most people think of is a will. However, while wills are important, they are just one of many instruments available to address your estate planning needs. Understanding the full range of options you have is essential when planning for the future.

R.S.C. Law Group, Inc., our team is deeply knowledgeable on the wide array of estate planning tools out there. With over 55 years of collective experience, our California attorneys are dedicated to building you a comprehensive plan tailored to your unique needs. We proudly serve clients throughout Monterey County and the surrounding area.

Understanding The Limitations Of Wills

A well-built will can serve many critical functions in your estate plan. This includes naming your personal representative, naming guardians for your children and directing the distribution of your assets upon your death. However, this tool does have limitations. For instance, wills typically do not address what happens in the event of incapacity. Also, there are certain objectives they can’t help with, such as avoiding probate. Including additional documents in your estate plan can help you address these gaps.

Planning For Incapacity

As it is important to plan for what will happen when you pass away, it is also critical to put plans in place in case you become incapacitated. Failing to do this could lead to a guardianship or conservatorship where your personal wishes are no longer in control. Tools that can help with avoiding this include:

  • Advance directives: You can specify your medical care preferences and designate a person to be your medical decision-maker should incapacity strike.
  • Powers of attorney: You can assign a trusted individual the authority to make crucial decisions on your behalf, such as managing your finances.

Our attorneys can help you use these tools to secure your unique wishes on these issues.

Trusts: Flexible Tools For Diverse Goals

Trusts offer flexibility and can help with various issues that wills are not well-suited to address. These include:

  • Asset protection
  • Probate avoidance
  • Providing for loved ones
  • Estate tax planning
  • Business transitions

Our team can advise you on your trust options and craft trust solutions customized to fit your particular circumstances.

Creating A Harmonious Estate Plan

Adding documents beyond a will to your estate plan requires careful coordination to ensure that all elements effectively support your goals. Our experienced team understands the interactions among various estate planning tools. Let us use our knowledge and insights to help you develop a plan that comprehensively addresses your needs.

Let Us Help You Plan For The Future

Have questions on what your estate plan should include? Come to our team for the trusted answers and dedicated estate planning support you deserve. Email us or call 831-275-0987 today to set up a free consultation.